Pedro Sánchez will not visit the White House. Despite the fact that it is usual within the framework of an official state trip, such as the NATO summit that took place in Madrid last week, as a matter of political protocol the host leader is invited back to the countries of the presidents and prime ministers that he entertains.

That, however, has not been the case with Joe Biden and the Spanish prime minister.

Sources from both countries have confirmed that Biden has not processed any kind of invitation to Sánchez to travel to Washington.

However, the two leaders, who spoke alone for the first time on Tuesday after several months of La Moncloa looking for such a meeting, agreed on a document in the form of an 18-point declaration, a milestone that they value very positively in the presidential complex as “it renews and deepens the relationship between the Spain and the USA, something that had not been reviewed since 2001”.

Although Biden did not invite Sánchez to the United States to meet with him at a later date, despite that “friendship, loyalty and alliance” between the two countries, the Spain’s leader was invited to visit other countries by the other presidents that he met, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. The forecast is that he will go before the end of the year, on a trade mission.