Orihuela has established a Summer Craft Market on Calle Cielo, the Cabo Roig strip, in Orihuela Costa, through to September 15.

The Department of Markets, with the assistance of the Local Police, has legalised the Aguamarina craft market which will be operated by Telco Solutions 4U S.L.

Councillor Ángel Luis Muñoz Grau has confirmed that with the regularisation of this craft market, “an order has been put in place that will stop the illegal sales by ‘looky looky men’ who have been selling their unauthorised and often counterfeit goods in the area for years, causing problems among the many local businesses, in addition to the bad image that it presented to visitors”.

He explained that “this regularisation is part of the plan of action that the Department of Markets is carrying out to promote the markets and street markets in the municipal area and make them a benchmark throughout the Vega Baja”.

“Hippies Aguamarina”, as this market is called, is made up of 15 craft stalls and is open from Monday to Sunday, from 7 pm to midnight. Muñoz Grau said that “all the stalls, which are set up and taken down daily, and the traders that will be selling their wares, meet the legal requirements that the law requires.

In this way, a guarantee of the item’s quality is given to the consumer with a proof of purchase receipt but will also be supported by claim sheets from the Generalitat, where necessary.