Santa Pola town hall is finalising plans for the contracting of energy services and maintenance, with full guarantee, of outdoor lighting installations, traffic lights and smart city devices.

The duration of the contract will be 15 years, with a base bidding budget of 1.17 million euro per year.

As part of the contract, some 5,739 lights will be replaced, which represents 85% of the total existing in the city, with LED technology lights, with point-to-point telemanagement, which will allow remote control and supervision of public lighting installations, converting the installation in an intelligent system whose benefits are the reduction of energy and the improvement of operational efficiency.

In addition, the dynamic and artistic digital recreational lighting of the Castle-Fortress is included in this project, which will provide projections and unique lighting.

The estimated saving, in principle, was between 50% and 80% of current consumption. As a consequence of the resounding increase in the cost of energy, which has recently occurred, these savings could be reduced until the situation in the electricity market improves.

On the other hand, the Smart City Master Plan, already drafted, will be implemented for the construction of a SMART CITY (intelligent city) in Santa Pola, with which it is intended to guide the future of the municipality, support and promote the development and transformation of the current city in an efficient and sustainable environment and an intelligent space at the service of citizens.

Santa Pola will have an operations, control, supervision and management centre that will unify the management of all services and the current control and surveillance systems, allowing intelligent management of the city.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Energy Services Company (ESE) will carry out awareness and dissemination campaigns on energy saving.