Camping Villas Caravaning, located in La Manga, and which has been operating for over 30 years, could be forced to close it’s doors by the local council as early as the end of the month.

The threat of closure comes after a series of fires, the most recent of which, in October last year, resulted in one death and the loss of 12 caravans.

Just four weeks ago Cartagena City council declared that the site could remain open, for the time being, while a suitable fire plan and a number of corrective safety actions were being carried out. That plan has now been submitted and council staff and Hidrogea are currently analysing the documentation. If it does not meet with their approval, the site will be closed and residents will be evicted. They expect to reach a decision within a week.

However, site administrator, Ana Perez, says that she needs more time. She said that, to date, a total of 22 new fire hydrants have been installed and the purchase of a small fire truck is being finalised but improvements to the safety of the electrical installation is still outstanding, a job that needs to be tackled by qualified technicians.

She said that the administration of the campsite has also identified and put in hand the removal of all illegal constructions, around 113, as the president of the neighborhood association, Juan García, has been able to confirm. These include the construction of terraces on top of houses, the addition of attics, double floors, etc.

Pérez has requested “more time”, as he considers that “it is not possible to make so many improvements in such a short space of time in a campsite that has been operating for over 30 years”.