By Andrew Atkinson

A resident of Almería and of Moroccan nationality has been denounced by the Civil Guard after being caught fiddling his driving test.

The Civil Guard denounced the unnamed man for copying in his driving test in Alicante, and who is now unable to sit the driving exam again for six months.

He was found to have electronic systems to report questions and receive answers and various devices to copy himself in the theoretical exam of the driving licence.

The accused has been filed in accordance with this year’s reform of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety and the offender may not be examined again before six months.

The Command, the Civil Guard and the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of Alicante, have taken action to prevent him from fraudulently obtaining authorisation to drive motor vehicles, lacking the basic and necessary knowledge of traffic and road safety.

The Traffic Research and Analysis Group of the Alicante Civil Guard Subsector, in collaboration with officials from the Alicante Provincial Headquarters, performs services in the tests for obtaining or recovering the different driving licences.

On May 25 In one of the classrooms of the Headquarters, it was discovered a person was using a complex electronic system in order to obtain the correct answers for the exam he was taking.

“The nervousness, behavior and posture adopted by the man during the test quickly made the agents and examiners suspicious,” said the Civil Guard.

Inside his clothes and attached to his body, he hid a mobile data receiver and transmitter, that received and sent the information, a micro-camera attached to the buttonhole of his sleeve, that captured the exam questions, and a vibration transmitter that gave the answers to the exam by means of impulses.

Caption: Accused hid mobile data receiver and transmitter during driving test.


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