A seven-year-old boy, of Brazilian nationality, drowned in a swimming pool in an urbanization in Cabo de las Huertas in Alicante after his hand got caught in one of the bottom drains, the safety grid of which had become dislodged.

Neighbors and two local police officers jumped into the pool in an attempt to rescue the minor but were not able to free him until the power supply had been cut and the suction system of the sewage treatment plant had stopped working.

After removing the boy from the pool they tried unsuccessfully to revive him but, unfortunately the SAMU could only certify his death.

The National Police has opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the drowning and have collected witness reports from urbanisation residents who claim that it is “negligence” on the part of the maintenance company, since the grid of the drain was “damaged and deteriorated”.

The tragic accident occurred around 2:45 p.m. last Wednesday in an urbanization on Calle Oceano, in the Residencia Bulevar Cantalar. There were three children in the pool at the time although the lifeguard was not there at the time as at 2:30 p.m. she had begun her break.

The boy had his hand trapped in a drain and since the treatment plant was running he was not able to remove his arm due to the suction.