The second race day, May 15, of the SAMM Spring Season saw a good turn out of 11 competitors sailing 6 boats. Average Lap racing round an Americas Cup style course, two buoys for the start gate with another gate at the far end. Boats had to pass through the gates but could choose to round to port or starboard to find the best wind and course to sail.

Race 1. Wind E, 3.3 knots.

A good start except both Balaton boats (Sirocco and Ginetta) were about 4 minutes away from line at the gun. There were a few different tactics employed but Tug Wilson (Laser Radial) choose the best and varied his course to suit the wind. On lap 2 the wind dropped down to 0-1 knots which slowed the fleet but later picked back up to 3 knots, one boat however tried to take one of the buoys with them after finishing, a common occurrence.

Results were first Laser Radial (Tug Wilson), second Shoestring Dos (Brian Murray/Diane Hardwick), third Shoestring Cuatro (Vernon O’Byrne/Mark Williams).

Race 2. Wind E, 3.5 knots same course but shortened.

Again good start with the Balaton boats only 2 minutes behind, Sirocco had the SAMM Commodore join as crew for this race. The wind increased to 6.5 knots average which gave the fleet a boost, and led to quite a few battles on the water, the wind also veered to ESE making the laps quicker as the boats were on more of a reach, the fastest point of sailing.

Results were first Laser Radial (Tug Wilson), second Ginetta (Robert Hudson/Dawn Morgan), third Shoestring Uno (John Down/S Hall).

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