Orihuela’s Councillor for Human Resources, Luisa Boné, along with Guillermo Cánovas, Councillor for Street Cleaning (LV) and Urban Solid Waste Collection (RSU), joined together to report that both departments are going to reinforce cleaning during the summer period and for the provision of cleaning staff.

The government team of the Orihuela town hall, aware of the need to provide a structural solution to the permanent workforce of LV and RSU, has drawn up a strategy to increase the workforce and thus improve cleanliness of the streets.

Luisa Boné explained that “this government team is committed to improving the service provided in our municipality with the increase of 68 permanent workers in the Urban Cleaning staff, going from 106 workers to 173, allocating the financial resources necessary for this and at the same time improving the conditions of the workers, giving them a stability that they have not had until now”.

In 2012, Orihuela Council municipalised the LV and RSU service, resulting in the 140 workers who provided the service to be subrogated and in these 10 years there have been 34 vacancies due mainly to retirements that have never been covered, of so that at the moment there are 106 workers in the Urban Cleaning staff.

“To carry out this entire process, the administrative procedure is being carried out so that, if everything goes according to plan, at the end of August all these positions will be available to be filled with permanent staff, managing to provide the workforce with human resources necessary and to the workers with job stability” indicated Luisa Boné.

For his part, Guillermo Cánovas indicated that “from June 15 to August 30, the Road Cleaning Shock Plan will be activated in the municipality of Orihuela with the incorporation during these dates of 75 workers for different jobs within the LV and RSU staff”.

A Shock Plan has been programmed that allows extraordinary waste collection tasks to be carried out in illegal deposit areas, container repair and signage, thorough cleaning of container points and their surroundings, etc…

For the Orihuela Costa, this will mean 36 workers and 12 drivers.

In addition, Cánovas has indicated that “the contract for the collection of Posidonia on the beaches of Orihuela has been increased by 20% to increase the frequency of this service”

Finally, aware of the problems that cleaning entails, they have asked for awareness and collaboration on the part of the everyone to have a clean municipality, they have also expressed the commitment to improve the organisation among the cleaning staff so that “together we can collaborate to improve the image of Orihuela”.