• The ‘Discover San Fulgencio’ app will provide useful information to tourists, visitors and residents alike

The San Fulgencio Council has presented the mobile application ‘Discover San Fulgencio’, a new initiative from the Department of Tourism which aims to “promote the town and provide information about the municipality to visitors,” said Darren Parmenter, councillor responsible for the area.

The app features information on the history of the town and places of interest to visit, as well as a directory of bars, restaurants, shops and local businesses, which allows direct bookings to be made at the establishments listed. The councilor added that establishments wishing to appear in this database can still do so by completing the questionnaire on the app.”

However, the app is not only be aimed at tourists and visitors. “San Fulgencio has a large number of year-round residents, and it is another way of getting information to them,” he said. “There are many people who don’t follow social networks or local news, but almost everyone has a mobile phone and is familiar with using these applications,” he added. For this reason, the app also includes useful information for residents, such as useful telephone numbers, bus timetables and up-to-date information on local festivals and activities.

Tomás Hernández, representative of the company that developed the app, pointed out that it is translated into four languages (Spanish, English, French and German) to provide greater accessibility to people of different nationalities, “as well as being very and easy to use. It is available for download from the usual mobile application platforms.

The mayor of San Fulgencio, José Sampere, said that this initiative is “another great idea that puts us on the map and reminds people of who and where we are”.



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