Construction works continue at a good pace on the Mojácar interchange and the new health centre, which will provide the municipality with two important infrastructures and services.

In regard to the health centre, it belongs to the North Almería Health Management Area, and has an investment of 3.4 million euros.

It will be located on the Avenida de Andalucía, a strategic location between the beach area and the old village, and the best communication conditions, for both access and for movements in the event of emergencies.

The total built area will be 2,398 metros, on a 9,196sqm plot ceded by the Local Council in the Rambla de Campos area.

The health centre will have numerous areas: citizen attention, immediate attention, adult clinic, paediatrics, auxiliary service areas, staff area, support systems area with a social worker, liaison and public health nurse, minor surgery, dental office, health education, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, radiology and the emergency service. It will have three storeys: basement, ground floor and upper floor.

This new centre aims to respond in an organised and emphatic way to the required hospital programme through plain architecture in keeping with the buildings of the location.

Access will be from the Avenida de Andalucía, merging with the interior of the plot, which will have a perimeter road around the building.

There is an estimated time period of 18 months for carrying out the works and a guarantee period of 12 months, sufficient time to decide on the proper functioning of the works and facilities and to assess possible deficiencies.

It will be a sustainable building to achieve a rational use of the necessary, renewable and environmentally friendly energy.

In addition, and commissioned by the Almería Territorial Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía’s Development, Infrastructure and Land Planning Regional Ministry, the Mojácar public transport interchange is also under construction.

The municipality currently lacks a bus station or similar facility.

In addition to the urban buses which connect the whole municipality from the village to the beach, there are daily buses which connect Mojácar with other surrounding municipalities and with other cities in Spain. Hence the construction of a bus station is considered necessary in order to organise their circulation and reinforce passenger transport lines, and in this way improve the quality of life of inhabitants of the municipality; a transport interchange in the municipality of Mojácar so that there is a connection point of reference between all the interurban transport lines which operate in the Levante region of Almería.

What is proposed is to create an interchange from which all medium/long-distance journeys are made and to which all the local and regional transport will go for making transfers.

The new interchange will have four bays for taking buses up to 15 metres long, facilities for travellers, a canopied waiting area and information for travellers on an LED screen, a left-luggage office, offices and toilets.

It will be possible to access the esplanade directly from the AL-6111 highway. Although it has been designed in such a way that when the planned future roundabout is done, the road can be accessed from one of the exits from this roundabout.

The Junta de Andalucía has awarded the works for an amount of 618,215 euros. It is located on a 5,607sqm plot on the Avenida de Andalucía, the road which connects the old village with the beach zone, with excellent communication to the Mediterranean highway and the Mojácar bypass.