Spring or summer blooming shrub Tamarisk can grow up to 16 feet high, with the wind making the shrub particularly attractive, as it sways and dances with wispy branches!

Well known for its abundant pale pink flowers, the very prolific shrub often grows wild releasing thousands of seeds annually.

However, it is quite vulnerable to frost and suffers when temperatures drop.

Plant Tamarisk in the autumn, and water abundantly, until established.

Tamarisk requires lots of sun and light to flower correctly in well-drained soil. Sandy soil is fine, but it dislikes heavy moist soil.

The speediest way to propagate is by taking cuttings at the end of winter or in spring from green stems, that haven’t yet formed any hard wood.

Also, prune in the spring or at the end of summer, which will help produce better blooming, keeping it in shape.

Try to avoid planting near a house or a living space, such as a terrace, as flowers tend to fall and spread everywhere.

Garden Felix
Garden Felix