By Andrew Atkinson

Hector Pascual Pizaña is to front the III Summer Football training camp in Los Montesinos.

“We want to continue with this exciting project which began three years ago.

“Hector has always taken the name of Los Montesinos during his career, having played at Valencia, Albacete, Guijuelo, Navalcarnero and current team Pulpi,” Sports Councillor Ana Belen told The Leader.

“Within the III Football campus, Hector will be at the forefront of professionals and football coaches, during June 27 until July 1, between 5pm-8pm.

“The Football Camp is for all players and goalkeepers, boys and girls, born between 2006-16. Registration will be at Los Montesinos Town Hall, costing €20 per person.

“Activities taking place include training, aimed at players to improve and develop technical, tactical and physical abilities.

“Goalkeeping will be directed by Hector Pascual Pizana, undertaking technical, tactical, physical and cognitive skills, through comprehensive methodology.

“Football-tennis, exercise in the aquatic environment and piscina. Water will be provided throughout the campus, along with fruit. A Diploma certificate will be awarded,” said Ana Belen.

Caption: Sports Councillor Ana Belen (3rd left), Hector Pascual Pizaña (centre) and Mayor Jose Butron.


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