Santa Pola town hall has published the tender for a new contract worth 140 thousand euro plus IVA a year, for a period of 4 years, with the aim of emptying the ECOParque de Santa Pola.

Interested companies now have until May 27 to present their offers.

The Councillor for Cleaning, Encarni Ramírez estimates that “in June 2019 we found the problem that the Ecopark was completely overflowing with mattresses and all kinds of debris, we also verified that since 2018 to the company which the mattresses, fixtures and remains of pruning, and even the tender for the service was not carried out.

Now, we have been able to take out this important tender in order to alleviate the overflowing area. We have asked the Generalitat Valenciana for help with this matter since 2019, and finally we have had to do it ourselves”.

An important part of the tender refers to the removal of mattresses, for which 50,000 euro per year of the total amount are planned. The council estimates that there are more than 14 thousand mattresses stacked in the facilities.

The rest of the tendered amount is destined to the removal of non-hazardous waste, wood, pruning remains, fixtures and rubble. This amount of 140,000 euro is allocated annually, since the tender provides for 3 more extensions, up to 560,000 euro of investment in the 4 years, with the aim of emptying the EcoParque.

Ramírez regrets that “between 2015 and 2019 absolutely nothing was done, those responsible for the council in that period looked the other way, and so many mattresses have accumulated, that we have to solve as soon as possible.”