Joanne Scott, the los Alcazares councillor for Foreign Residents has announced her immediate resignation.

Following a bout of covid, from which she has failed to fully recover, she feels that her performance as a councillor is being affected and her memory is not as it was pre illness.

She explained that she has been left with consequences that are not compatible with the job of a councillor, and has therefore tendered her resignation to mayor Mario Pérez Cervera.

In a statement issued on her facebook page Joanne, who is also the proprietor of La Zona Terraza in the town, said, “With a heavy heart I officially resigned as a local councillor from Los Alcázares town hall yesterday. I’ve had such a fantastic year, learning so much and seeing how the hardworking team lead by Mario Pérez Cervera keeps everything going. It was an amazing experience and hopefully I’ve paved the way for someone else to take up the reins. Since having Covid-19  my memory is not as it was and the job of a local councillor needs you to be on top form.  I don’t have the mental agility that I had pre covid and the brain fog persists. My family responsibilities also need more of my attention, as does my business. So I’m back at the bar.”

Joanne added that she will continue to help local residents as she always has and for anyone with whom she has unfinished business she asked that they call into La Zona Terraza and she will try to resolve their outstanding issues.

Image: Facebook