• There are too many fake online casino reviews. Here is how to tell apart a good one from a fake one.

There are currently more than several thousand online casinos. A large part of them is fake casino websites and unscrupulous operators. The average player, especially if he is a beginner, finds it very difficult to weed out the “wrong” casinos. In this case, reviews of remote gambling sites may help. But they are not so easy to deal with.

You should be aware that not every testimonial can be believed. Some customers take good quality and service for granted. They do not even think about the fact that it is possible to spend a little time writing a positive review. But in the opposite situation, it is exactly the opposite. Negative reviews are written with great reluctance. This has led to the fact that many operators and affiliate casino programs began to order the writing and publication of positive reviews.

Today, the phenomenon has become so spontaneous that it can be very difficult to determine which reviews are authentic. Many casinos want lots of good things to be written about them online. It is a simple and very cheap way of building a positive reputation. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether the review you are reading is real or bought for a few dollars. Still, there are a few ways to get closer to the truth.

Casino review website must look professional

Yes, a gambling review site should be done in a quality and professional manner, look at casino-howto as an example of such a site. It’s definitely not going to be about one casino/group of casinos from a single operator.

If you stumbled upon a portal that fits the previous description, it is most likely a satellite site. It’s designed to promote the casino and enrich its owner. They often have a separate item in addition to general information posted in reviews. Most likely, they are simply written to order, but they can also be quoted from another site.

To avoid misinformation, look for large and reputable sites. Of course, there are also young portals that publish honest reviews. They are just moving towards developing their project, which means a small number of reviews can be confusing. In fact, it’s for nothing. They can also provide honest reviews and therefore have the right to exist. In any case, a site with honest casino reviews should publish casino reviews, brief technical and gaming information (e.g. withdrawal deadlines, payment systems, list of affiliate developers, license, etc.), and, of course, player reviews. Such gaming portals take serious measures to prevent misleading other players.

The author of casino reviews must be disclosed

Some operators offer their customers the chance to write a review about their playground as a promo. For this, the player can get a cash bonus or a free spins bonus. In such a case, a large number of positive reviews may appear on the review site. There is one important point – they should be published over a long time period and not for a short period of time. You should be aware that this review will only be partly true.

In order to get the bonus, the player is likely to keep silent about the casino’s shortcomings, but be honest about its merits. Although this does not reflect the whole essence of the institution, it will at least show the best sides of it.

Determining the honesty of a review is not easy, but you should pay attention to one point. The site on which reviews are published uses the opinions of real people. This means that they are not published by unknown users, but by people who can easily be found and asked in person. This applies to forums and portals with the possibility to open an account.

In order to weed out purchased responses, the portal owners conduct thorough moderation. This includes an identity verification procedure, verification of the response text itself and some other technical steps. Such measures allow minimizing the arrival of people for whom writing reviews – is a profession. In general, false reviews are quite easy to identify. They are written by professionals, who are distinguished by their slogan, standard turns and an unnatural desire to praise every little thing.

To be able to track down dishonest reviews, you should choose verified review sites. They are sure to allow you to view the user’s activity statistics. By accessing their page, other users can see their activity. This means that everyone can see in which sections and what text was written by the person you are looking for.

If there are a large number of them – in front of you a professional writer of reviews, which means they will all be dishonest. If not, you are dealing with a real person who has written their opinion honestly.