Trust me, there is probably nothing as full-on and exhilarating as racing a boat under sail, especially when that boat is designed to be raced!

Here at the Costa Blanca Yacht Association, we have access to a small fleet of the fantastic TOM 28 yachts, a boat specifically designed for sail training and one-class racing.

We are looking for more active sailors who would like to train, and indeed race with us, on these yachts, which  belong to the Real Club Náutico Calpe, and are rented by the CBYA on most Thursdays and Saturdays.

We give all sailors first-class safety and technical knowledge, and then the opportunity to take part in regattas and in-club ladders.

If you do decide to join us, and start your race training on these boats, you will be in good company because these boats have been used by several of the America’s Cup teams for training!

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The Costa Blanca Yacht Association is the club for anyone who sails or motorboats in the area, and who wants to get the best from their sport.

For boat owners, we have arranged discounts at some local chandleries, access to regattas, access to training, access to information regarding insurance, marinas, passages, etc., and most importantly, we share local knowledge!

There is the chance to participate in raft-ups and flotilla holidays (locally as well as internationally), and we also host regular social and fun events.

We cater for all sizes of boats, from small dinghies to large yachts.

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