Torrevieja´s Councillor for Education and Innovation and Productive Sectors, Ricardo Recuero and Rosario Martínez, respectively, have presented new projects that their departments will be carrying out this year, including the start-up of the cybersecurity centre, the creation of assistance points to facilitate access to the electronic office for all citizens, a new edition of the consumer bonus campaign and the remodelling of the ground floor of La Plasa.

For the Department of Innovation, among the actions that they are going to carry out during this year, is the renovation of the Heritage and Traffic chambers, with an endowment of €20,000 and €50,000 respectively. In addition, an investment of €500,000 will be made to expand the security cameras that are installed throughout the city. All of them will have their corresponding software and hardware with the latest video surveillance and security technology. Ricardo Recuero has announced the launch of the cybersecurity centre for the entire town hall, its buildings and all digital management by the local administration.

Recuero presented the Process Automation Plan, with an investment of €250,000, which allows interaction processes with the local administration to be automated, which represents a leap in quality in citizen service. “The first thing we will do will be an audit in which the defects of our current system will be analysed in order to improve them and then face them with a large contract , which will allow us to give a massive response to the needs that we have detected”, explained the Councillor for Innovation.

Digital literacy and start-up of digital posts

Among the actions to be carried out by the Innovation area are also actions for citizens with the digital literacy project. Since the entry of the electronic headquarters, a gap has been detected between the people who can access it and those who, due to different problems, cannot do so. That is why the council is working to overcome this bias with the creation of a citizen digital assistance unit. A system to help citizens to carry out any type of procedure through the electronic office. Likewise, different digital posts will be created in the municipal facilities that will be equipped with a computer, printer and scanner to facilitate the completion of digital procedures. “Our objective is that all citizens have the possibility of approaching the electronic headquarters from the tools that the Department of Innovation will establish”, Recuero highlighted.

Aid for the transport of training cycle students

In terms of Education, Ricardo Recuero has announced that, as a result of the government team’s commitment to school transportation and university scholarships, on which they have been working for several courses, work is being done to expand aid to students of training degrees that have to travel to other municipalities to continue their studies. In this way, students who study these educational levels may have a subsidy from the council to contribute to travel expenses.

Regarding the maintenance contract for educational centres, Recuero pointed out that “we are about to sign the maintenance contract for educational centres. A contract that will allow us to carry out an adequate maintenance of all the centres”.

From the Department of Education, a system of care for the educational community is going to be set up. Currently, the council has a detection, prevention and action service in case of absenteeism and bullying. The new system aims to provide a service to families, teachers, management teams or any citizen who needs guidance in educational matters.

Remodelling of the ground floor of the plaza

As for the investments that are going to be developed from the Department of Commerce, Hospitality and Industry, there is a new edition of the Bonoconsumo campaign. “We are currently immersed in the 4th edition, which will end on June 20. Therefore, we want to launch a new edition after the summer to continue promoting local businesses before the Christmas season begins and continue to be an oxygen pump for the commercial establishments of the municipality”, Rosario Martínez highlighted.

The Councillor for Commerce has highlighted the actions that will be developed in La Plasa after the study of alternatives that has been carried out. There will be a reorganisation of the stalls together with the opening of the ground floor to all the perimeter streets in which a redevelopment of its entire environment will be carried out. “With this opening to the outside we want to give this space a new image and revitalise this area”, added the Councillor for Commerce.

On the other hand, the Hotel de Asociaciones has been presented, which has an investment of €1,000,000. The multipurpose building that was going to be used for the new Semana Santa museum will be refurbished. It will create a space with small meeting rooms equipped with furniture and private cabinets so that local associations can hold their meetings and work on their projects. The building has three basement floors. Two of them will be used as a warehouse and floor -1 will be an assembly and multipurpose room, while the ground floor will be occupied by the reception. The building has 5 floors plus an attic. Floors 4 and 5 will be used for the association hotel, while floor 1 will house the business incubator with 4 offices for the Local Development Agency (ADL). The second floor will be for the Youth Leisure Centre with 2 rooms by age of the Department of Youth. The third floor responds to one of the needs of the local municipal groups, for which 2 rehearsal rooms for choirs and music groups will be created. Lastly, in the attic it will be assigned to the department of occupational hazards.