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Star-studded charity event ‘Aid The Costas’ is taking place at Benidorm Palace in October, featuring icon Leo Sayer and a plethora of top artistes, benefitting Spanish charities, APANEE, Franciscan Men’s Shelter Gandia, Little Pods Association, and Benidorm Dog Homing.

“I have been working on the ‘Aid The Costas’ charity for two years – finally, as many Covid restrictions have ended we can now promote this event,” co-organiser Casey Shaddock told The Leader.

Christine Climent and Casey Shaddock: Aid The Costas Charity Show.
Christine Climent and Casey Shaddock: Aid The Costas Charity Show.

Aid the Costas will run during October 2-3 at the 1,200 seater Benidorm Palace. Casey, who has raised thousands of euros for charities, President of Villamartin Plaza, said: “Because there is no music in the Plaza this year, I chose to move it to Benidorm. The owner of the Palace, Christine Climent is a close friend, so we have joined forces.”

On Sunday, October 2, the day time show features local artists performing: “Once the nine artists have performed, Rob Falsini will do a show for 45 minutes.

“The local artist is the Meat Loaf Tribute Benidorm, Westlife Tribute, The Fantastics, Pablo Bloom, Heidi Galvin, Ball & Boe, Greg Bannis, Shani Ormiston, and Nigel Burchill. Tickets are €10.

“Sunday Night: No Tributes now
As it stands. The evening will start with The Fortunes opening for Herman’s Hermits. Tickets are €30.

“Monday Night, October 3, Paul da Vinci and his Explosion show open for Leo Sayer and his band. Tickets range from €30-€70,” said Casey.

Casey, who won the 2018 Pride Of Spain Award for Community Spirit, said: “Charity work is in my heart, and ‘Aid The Costas’ is going to be a cracker! We are expecting to stream both Sunday shows live.

“We have sponsors from a wide area on board and expect that in itself will pay for the complete cost. 100% of the net proceeds go to the four charities,” added Casey.

Companies and individuals who are interested in sponsorship, please contact:

Raffle tickets are on sale now, with a €1,000 prize up for grabs. Website details:

Main Image: Leo Sayer: ‘Aid The Costas’ icon.


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