Steve Spit BEM was amongst a plethora of people at the Emerald Isle, La Florida, Orihuela, who helped raise funds for Ukraine in the wake of the country being under war with Russia.

“The charity fund raising event was staged celebrating St George’s Day, in helping to raise money for the Ukraine,” said Stevie.

Live entertainment included The Royal British Legion Concert Band Spain, Belinda McBride, Footwork Dance Studio, The Costa Blanca Morris Dancers, Cindy Fitzpatrick, Project Duo and Crazy Ladies.

“Following the event another lorry has departed for Ukraine. On behalf of everyone I would like to give thanks for all those that helped, amongst them Help@Home in getting all the collections in and taking it to the depot in Alicante,” said Stevie.

“There are so many wonderful people to thank, I couldn’t possibly name everyone, but they know who they are – amazing people,” said Stevie.

Caption: Charity show for Ukraine raised funding.