Rockrose is a flowering, evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean region able to withstand severe heat, strong winds, drought, and salt spray.

Commonly used in informal hedgerows, as ground cover plants, or for erosion control.

Shrubs are hardy and low-maintenance that reward you with a show of beautiful, delicate flowers throughout early Spring and summer.

Each flower blooms for a couple of hours, before dropping and making way for the next group of flowers.

While the flowers are unscented, the foliage of the rockrose is aromatic, much like other Mediterranean herbs such as lavender and rosemary.

Plant rockrose shrubs in a location that receives full sun several hours a day, as they will not survive in shady locations.

Rockrose plants grow well in poor quality soils, as long as it’s well-draining.

When choosing a location for your rockrose, choose a spot with deep soil, so that it can establish deep and spreading roots. Rocky and sandy environments are fine.

Generally drought tolerant, that do not require watering outside of regular rainfall. However, during the first growing season plants should be watered weekly, to help them mature and establish healthy roots.

When watering ensure to provide a deep, thorough watering that drenches the entire root ball to encourage strong growth.

Rockrose plants do not require regular fertilising, except during the first growing season to help getting established.

Fertilise once in early Spring with general-purpose, slow-release fertiliser.  Once established they never need fertilising.

They require occasional minimal light pruning after flowering, to keep them compact and healthy. They do not tolerate heavy pruning.

In Spring they may need pruning, to help remove winter damage and correct the shape, done conservatively.

Branches on a rockrose plant should never be pruned below the last leaf, as they will be unlikely to recover.

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