Orhuela’s Councillors for Equality, Almudena Baldó, and Employment, Víctor Valverde, have presented the Women’s Employability Program of the Municipality of Orihuela.

Given the generalised situation of feminization of unemployment is considered precariousness, “it is necessary to implement compensatory measures that promote and support the employability of women. For this reason, we have created the program “Promotion of the Employability of Women in the municipality of Orihuela”, which contains a set of proposals to improve the possibilities of conciliation, an information campaign on the obligations of companies with equality plans, as well as on bonuses for hiring victims of Gender Violence”, explained Baldó.

Likewise, Valverde has assured that “this program wants to stimulate the hiring possibilities of victims of gender-based violence, domestic violence, and victims of human trafficking, women as a whole, as well as those who are at risk of social exclusion, in a situation of sexual exploitation, and those belonging to ethnic or racial minorities, migrants or discriminated against for other reasons.

This program will last for two years, coming into force in 2022 and ending in 2024, and will have the collaboration of the local productive fabric.

On the other hand, Almudena Baldó has advanced that the Department of Equality has prepared resource guides for job search in the municipality of Orihuela, with telephone numbers and addresses of interest, of which users are already making use.


According to the official statistics of Labora, in the last five years, the percentage of women in the municipality of Orihuela who demand employment has been 55-58% with respect to the total number of applicants.

Of the users attended by the Orihuela Municipal Service for Attention to Violence in January (SEMAVIG), between the years 2016-2021, around half were unemployed.