Orihuela’s Councillor for Social Welfare, Almudena Baldó, announced launch of the Municipal Plan for Prevention Against Bullying, as Orihuela is “sensitive to the increase in cases and violence among minors, so that it is necessary to carry out this initiative in order to accompany the Educational Community in achieving the skills of minors”, explained the councillor.

Baldó has explained that this plan will be aimed at students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of ESO throughout the Municipality of Orihuela, “with the aim of detecting the form of violence used, the medium, and the reason on which the aggression is based”.

In this way, the Department of Social Welfare will prepare a document with the development of the necessary actions to be implemented to obtain spaces free of violence, as well as the prevention of future situations. In addition, “the sociometric tests will be carried out from which the necessary information will be extracted on which the development of this program will be based to determine the actions to be implemented in the Municipal Plan Against School Bullying”, Baldó indicated.

The implementation of this Educational Program will consist of the prevention, detection and management of bullying situations, while also helping to foster a culture of peace, improve and provide a positive and affectionate climate that allows respectful interpersonal relationships, and finally, unify action criteria and provide tools to the entire Educational Community.



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