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It is becoming difficult here in Spain to find a lovely French Baguette with the light fluffy interior, as supermarkets appear to be calling their local bread sticks by the same name, and that is also the case in many eating houses. In one recently, what was identified on the menu as the well-known francais version turned out to be a Spanish wide stick with the crust slashed to imitate the original. I can hear the French visitors saying – ‘Ou est mon Baguette?’

Every day, looking at reports from various sources, proving all that went before is slowly being eroded, especially much of which is sacrosanct to women. Two happenings this week which affect female privacy, although I must add in this incident, not a day to day happening, but nevertheless, it is an indication of the way authorities are eroding the rights of the female.

It is the ruling that ladies that have been arrested by the Police can be strip searched by a trans woman. Which means she can lose her dignity and be uncovered from her clothing by a full body man who thinks he is of her gender “come on love get your clothes off,” as if she has just been dragged in from the streets…… however, if the real lady refuses, she can be charged with a ‘hate crime’. It seems to me to be a ‘loop de loo’ ruling.

The other erosion, although does affect both sexes; it has recently been ruled that civil marriages are no longer to mean anything as they can be renounced by one or other of the former lovebirds tearing up the contract, and it is finished. – Try doing that with a car rental contract!

We are talking about civil arrangements as the ruling is not the same for religious ceremonies. The worthless paper agreement that the two people endorsed, who once claimed to be so much in love that it was going to last a lifetime, sign the agreement not thinking it can be ripped to shreds on a whim, or the first time the couple’s commitment suffers a breakdown. Then for each of the partners it is time to look for greener pastures with no come back because of their action.

What are their thoughts about children? Possibly – they were fun having them but now the requirement to look after them is a chore and the kids will get over it. In my opinion I don’t think they will, affecting their lives permanently, as they grow. Trust, marriage and a family will mean nothing.

The Yorkshire Terrier

It is some time now since I told the story of a bevy of policemen. They arrived at a house to arrest a small Yorkshire Terrier for being dangerous when, two months previously, it had attacked a post person. He must have been a snowflake to report a tiny dog snapping at him.

However, the latest incident is about Hayley Scanlan, 28 years of age, living in Huntingdon with her husband and two children. Two years earlier the Scanlan family had lived in Luton, and while there it is alleged that a neighbour, living on her own, was having difficulty looking after a Yorkshire Terrier following a heart attack. The dog had been chipped and, so the story goes, she was too poorly to look after this tiny Yorkshire Terrier, which was in a poor state with matted hair, so after advice she gave it away to the Scanlan couple, who sometime later moved away.

One day Hayley is surprised to find nine police officers with taser guns knocking on her front door and wanting to issue her with a summons. They are also there to retrieve the 12” dog – you could put it in your pocket – as the original person had reported it as stolen.

The owner of the house is upset, in shock and does not really know what is happening and she refuses to open the door.

Now this is the interesting bit; they are there to serve a summons and to pick up a small dog but because it is a little difficult as the woman would not open the door, the Police call for backup, closing the road off as two armed police arrive. While all this is happening her six-year-old son, who has had the small dog for two years, is crying and cuddling it on his bed.

The mother, thinking there is something wrong, as the dog was given to her, is scared stiff especially when the Police threaten to use a battering ram to force their way in. She had owned the small pet for the past two years, with plenty of people able to confirm.

It is such a sad story and another colossal waste of Police time.  Surely it would have been more constructive and less costly to have sent one officer to discuss the problem, instead of frightening the life out of a Mum and a young child, with a mob of armed police.

In the meantime, burglaries continue to escalate, which appear to be of little concern to the people in blue. That is partly confirmed when one senior Police Superintendent has suggested that officer’s in the force should be given the opportunity to work from home. I guess they would be safe and secure there.

Just remembering the guy who died when, during his arrest, an officer leant on his neck. This saw the formation of the charity BLM (Black Lives Matter) run by three people, which has since raised over ninety million dollars; they now live in a multimillion-dollar property. Nothing important – just sayin! Take care. chattey There are sixty-four books by me available on Amazon and Kindle.