More than 3,800 minors displaced from Ukraine are already in school in the Valencian Community, while some 400 Ukrainian adults receive language courses so that they can find work and “seek a future for their families”.

This was reported by the regional Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà, in the control session of Les Corts: “The public education service shows its ability to adapt to everything, with extraordinary measures but above all thanks to professionals”.

The children arrive in the Community in two ways: the majority on their own, concentrating in areas with a Ukrainian population, and the rest in an institutionalised manner. “We serve the two contingents,” Marzà stressed.

In fact, in Torrevieja alone, 11 extraordinary classrooms have been set up to attend to these groups of students, who are guaranteed free school dining, the maximum scholarships from the children’s voucher and free books through the Xarxa Llibres programme.

At the same time, specific training groups have been increased to attend to refugees and their families and offer them linguistic support.

The model of the Generalitat, the minister has highlighted, has made other autonomous communities such as Galicia ask for collaboration to replicate it.

In general, Marzà has stressed that more resources are necessary and that minors are not only welcomed in the Community, but in the State as a whole. “But above all, we need this care to continue,” he stressed.

And he has especially highlighted the attitude they showed in the public school Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Torrevieja, where Russian boys helped the Ukrainians on the day of their arrival.

The head of Education has called for “no child to be left without the opportunity to have the best possible education, fleeing Ukraine or any war”, since he has guaranteed that they care for minors from other conflicts.

“That the peoples be united beyond the interests of those who have power: it cannot be that those below continue to pay for the delusions of grandeur of those above. In this land we welcome accordingly”, asserted the Compromís representative.


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