The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, has announced that he is going to withdraw the powers of the five Ciudadanos councillors, José Aix, Luisa Boné, Mar Ezcurra, Ángel Noguera, and Antonio Sánchez, “as they have broken the government pact”.  He has given instructions to recover the areas delegated to the Ciudadanos councillors, as well as dismissing their advisers and alcaldes pedáneos, village mayors.

Bascuñana said “we have made the greatest effort to maintain stability in the government but we will not do so at any price, as Orihuela’s general interest must come first”.

The mayor insisted that “we are not going to give in to blackmail, we maintain our red lines, although now Ciudadanos seems to have found other partners, mostly for their own benefit”.

He said that just a few weeks ago the PSOE demanded that he break the government coalition in exchange for their support of the municipal budgets. “It is curious that they asked us to kick them out but now they negotiate with them.”

He added that “the Municipal Group of the Popular Party and this mayor have clear ideas and we maintain our absolute commitment to Orihuela.”

In the face of this situation that he has described as “unsustainable”, Emilio Bascuñana has defended the management of his municipal group that has been “honest and sensible because we have always practiced adult politics.”