The Civil Guard has arrested in Rojales three British people in Rojales for sending packages of marijuana to Ireland and the Netherlands, from Almoradí, through the post.

The arrested, two men aged 32 and 30 and a young woman of 26, have all been released on bail following a court appearance.

Investigations began in February after detecting a package bound for the Netherlands in a courier’s office in municipality, that gave off a strong smell of marijuana. When checking the sender of the shipment, they found that it was a man who pretended to be a courier and who later tried to make a second shipment, this time to Ireland.

Two packages containing six kilos of marijuana buds were seized.

The Civil Guard also located two houses in Rojales from where shipments originated, so on March 4 the Civil Guard broke into the two homes. In one of them they found a couple, together with 500 marijuana plants, 200 branches of marijuana hung out to dry, current accumulators, sophisticated ventilation systems, fertilizers and other technical means used to grow the cannabis.

The day after the couple’s arrest, the man pertaining to be a courier, was also arrested in Rojales