The businessman and founder of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, has made reference to Spain on his Twitter account in which he said that if Spain made a massive investment in solar energy, “it could supply energy throughout Europe.”

Teresa Ribera, the Minister for Ecological Transition, referred to Musk’s statements explaining that the Spanish State “is very well positioned in solar energy of the 21st century”. “It seems to me that it is something that we must work towards, but we have to do it with people in mind. We have to think about how we contribute to others, how we contribute to ourselves, but, above all, how we put people at the centre of such an investment”, she stressed.

She said that Spain does want to be “a great renewable power, but landscapes, the environment and the country need to be integrated into this adventure and, from there, investors who are willing to contribute financially.”

The main problem developing Musk’s statement is the few outlets that Spain has to export all the solar energy produced to other European regions. Currently, Spain has 18 GW of installed solar energy and plans to reach 46 GW by 2030.