The routes will include birding activities and hiking trails to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the municipality

San Fulgencio Town Council has announced the new ecotourism routes planned by the Department of Tourism for 2022. There are seven routes in total which will “show visitors and residents of San Fulgencio the natural and heritage richness that the municipality has to offer,” said councilor Darren Parmenter.

The Councillor for Tourism stated that the activity is very popular with the public, so “we have prepared a very comprehensive programme, with almost an activity every month to November”, The trails include “the orchard and the parish church of San Fulgencio, the ravine and archaeological site of La Escuera, or the Sierra del Molar”, as well as nearby locations such as the dunes and beach of Guardamar, along with the mouth of the river Segura.

They will be between 5 and 10 kilometres in length without much gradient, “with the aim that the greatest number of people can take part without the need for any great physical exertion,” said the councillor. All the routes will be led by a guide and will be conducted in both Spanish and English.

The first  route, on Sunday 24th April, will take in the area around Hondico del Amorós and the San Fulgencio orchards for the purposes of birdwatching. “We are in an environment where many different species live, and where they can be seen in their natural environment without being disturbed,” said Parmenter.  Covering a distance of 8 kilometres, the starting point will be the recreational area ‘El Oasis’, at 9:30 am.

Mayor José Sampere, congratulated the Tourism Department “for the great work carried out in recent years with this activity”, as “it is a very interesting way of showing our municipality and all the places of interest it has, beyond the typical sun and beach image”.

Sampere encouraged the public to take part in these events, being “an opportunity to improve our fitness while learning a little more about the environment that surrounds us”.

Those interested can sign up for the routes using the online form ailable on the municipal website and social networks of the Town Hall for each of the routes. Full details can also be found at the San Fulgencio Tourist Information Office, located in Calle Amsterdam in the La Marina Urbanisation.

The office is open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 15:00 and can be contacted by e-mail ( or by telephone on 96 679 00 21.


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