A small dog was rescued at the weekend from the bottom of a drainage sewer in San Miguel de Salinas.

It is not known how the dog ended up in the drain, but the Local Police managed to successfully remove him from that small space into which he had supposedly fallen.

The dog was heard barking by a neighbour who was out walking his pet in the area.

According to the witness, her father tried to open the sewer, which was closed, but was unable to do so on his own, “he went to get help and found some cyclists,” but even they couldn’t move the heavy lid. Then they notified the authorities. “How lucky the little guy has been,” she said.

An agent slipped into the narrow access channel at the back and climbed down some stairs into the interior. The dog was a bit wet. Once in the arms of the policeman, he slowly climbed out until he could hand the dog to one of the cyclists.

As the police said in the statement, the animal “does not have a chip”. Therefore, they could not find it’s owner, and asked for publicity to enable them to do so.

The owners did come forward to claim the dog, thanking the police for their actions, although quite how the animal ended up in the drain still remains a mystery.