The Elche Local Police arrested a 30-year-old man after assaulting officers who were trying to help him.

The incident occurred on Monday, when a patrol observed a backpack on CV-86 and, just a few metres away, a person sitting on the hard shoulder of the road, so the officers stopped to inquire about his identity and wellbeing.

The police officers asked him if he needed any help, a question to which he did not answer. Suddenly, the man approached the passenger window and began to point the index finger of his right hand at the sky, which is why one of the agents got out of the patrol car and that was when the man, without saying a word, pounced on him, punching him in the jaw.

Quickly, the other officer got out of the vehicle to help his companion, and was kicked and also punched in the jaw, for which he was stunned. After the struggle, the policemen were able to control him, handcuffing him with the help of two other crews given his level of aggressiveness.

The man was arrested and transferred to the National Police Station, where he continued with his aggressive attitude trying to hit the agents, who were treated at a medical centre for the various blows suffered.


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