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Watering by Direct Debit

It seems to me that some television programmes have extensive adverts with a short story in between and roll the two into one so there is no break.

It was on such an occasion while watching a Film on Four, when  a small child holding a dirty bucket and living in the wilds of Africa became, for a few seconds, part of the story line we were watching.

The boy was accompanied by a little girl, and they were dealing with dirty water and the wording told us they would die drinking the water.

However, my memory tells me these two have been portrayed in their difficulty for a few decades now in the same, if not dissimilar, a begging advertisement for two pound a month so they can drink clean liquid, but seeing they are still begging for more money, shouldn’t they be dead.

It seems to me as they are still advertising there is a need and instead of Africa having water it is awash with Direct Debits.

More Water:

While talking about water and the cost of it, we are having to make similar payments just to keep warm with fires or electrics burning because of the dampness caused by the constant rain in what should be warm spring-like weather.

One has to have a giggle at the pundits who forecast sea levels rising because of ‘’global warming’ – which was transformed to ‘climate change’ although no reason was given. My guess is the reason the sea levels will rise is because of all the water pouring out of the skies.


It was just another  advert on television in a string of others, like the one above breaking the storyline of the film. Not very exciting and one tends to let them wash over you with little interest.

Ah, but this one was different, in that in a group of people one of them shouted ‘and no mushrooms’ afterwards he looked embarrassed.

The commercial was for Domino Pizzas, which set me wondering why the negative remark about the fungal growth, surely that kind of food can have mushrooms on it, so why are they advertising not to have them?

After a little research it turns out that some people, on the right so I am told, believe that mushrooms are a sort of alien. The fungus grows freely and can do so without cultivation, also there are many types of the tumours, and they develop on all material, some are poisonous whilst others are edible.

However, and the big ‘no no,’ is that they  frequently grow in circles.

I have not tried – but I guess if you wanted mushroom on your pizza, I am sure they would include them.

The Race:

Have you heard the story of the ‘Grandprex’ for minicars, they are quick little vehicles like, yet unlike the normal family version?

They were all lined up on the grid waiting for the off. However, to one side a group of people were arguing about one of the entries, a long sleek red car like a prancing horse which had been renamed ‘Mini’.

The drivers were saying it was not fair to rename a car a ‘Mini’ when it obviously was not,  and it should not be allowed in the race.

I use it as an example of why a person with a  body he is born with is allowed to take part in a female race as there is very little contest and a ‘sham’ of the result. For instance – it is difficult to make the following  up in a story of fiction in that two transgender swimmers with male bodies, Iszac Henig and Lia Thomas remained unbeatable at the ‘Ivy League Women’s Championships’, with one smashing a record and both  leaving their biological female competitors in their wake during the second day of events at ‘Harvard University’.   I was always taught Sport was about fairness – that certainly cannot be. Take care. chattey  – ‘The Cormacks’ Set in the early nineteen hundreds  a sad but thrilling story available from Amazon and Kindle.