The field hospital located on the grounds of the General Hospital of Alicante, will provisionally welcome the Ukrainian refugees who arrive in Alicante. The intention is to get these facilities operational in between two and three weeks, until such time as Ciudad de la Luz is ready.

In the field hospital there will be 200 beds, while the capacity of Ciudad de la Luz will be around 400 .

The health authority is already fitting heating pumps in the hospital as the first refugees will be offered accommodation from next week.

In addition, information posters are already being prepared in the three languages: Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.

Both in the field hospital and in Ciudad de la Luz dining areas and recreational areas will be set up for children. Refugees will remain in these facilities for between two and three days, while they are identified, their documentation is processed and they are transferred to other autonomous communities across Spain

It is also understood that a specific terminal has been reserved at the Alicante airport for flights from Ukraine.


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