The General Directorate of the Coast and the Sea of ​​the Ministry of Ecological Transition has started the preparatory work for the environmental repair of the plot of the old hotel in Arenales de Sol.

The first step that has been undertaken consists of the reprofiling, extraction and stockpiling of sand from El Altet beach to return the 6,000 square meter space where the property was located, whose structure was dismantled with sustainable criteria, to its original state.

The volume of sand extracted from El Altet beach will be used, once the dismantling of the foundations of the former hotel is completed, for the ecological restoration of the plot.

Meanwhile, the General Directorate has indicated, it is planned to pile up the sand extracted from El Altet beach on the esplanade of the existing car park in the first section of the access road to it.

The action has favourable reports issued by the General Directorate of the Natural Environment of the Department of Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, in addition to the Elche City Council as manager of the Clot de Galvany Municipal Natural Park.

And, as reported by the General Directorate of the Coast, the intention is to complete these initial tasks of supplying the material before the nesting period of the plover, a species of bird with a presence in the area.

The hotel opened in 1963 was the first construction of the current Arenales del Sol nucleus.