Division 1

El Capitan  v  Hub Hyenas

Matches can’t be won in the 1st half, but can certainly be lost, as was the case in this tussle. A couple of missed opportunities before the break cost the Hub dearly.

At 5-1 down it was a bridge too far for the visitors, but take noting away from an excellent Caps. All 3 triples were claimed by Caps, via Arold Klimonis D8, Marcos Lopez D8 and Olly Walker D2, legend Nigel Justice throwing 2×100, 2×140.

Andres Liamazares 125,140,123, D20 and Lopez threw a stunning 21 dart 601, prior to Hubs lone 1st half win from Mark Ellis and John Eyre, Justice 100,140. Aroldas D16, closing the 1st half.

Jay Wilkinson opened the 2nd half with a fine 0-2 win, Aroldas 100,139 resuming the 4 leg advantage with a similar score. Ellis claimed Walker’s scalp 0-2, who only last week had recorded a 13 dart single.

Justice made it 7 legs and 2 points, Liama making it 8 with 117,100,140, 180 and MOTM. Eyre closed the game with a 1-2 win over Vycka Bobinas. Caps MOTM – Liamazares.

Danny’s Bar  v  Ale House Lads

Just half a dozen scores of note from Dannys’ via John Giggs and Bob Smith in the 1st session proved fruitless against a Lads side in top form. Dario Sierra 3×140,100, and Dale McGuiness 2×100,2×140 doing much of the damage for 0-6.

Jane Wills post trim raising 150 euro for Ukraine medical supplies.

Alan Walker 2×100,140, 3×85+ and Bob Smith 4×100, halted the slide, only for Andre Wing to take the winning plaudits 1-2 in a real battle with MOTM Lesley Lumb. Best game of the evening Giggs 100,101,121, 4×85+ losing a 3 legger to Sierra 121,125,2×140, 2×85+, Giggs outing his leg on D16,D16. Eugene Lane and McGuiness concluding the match, both in 3 legs. MOTM – Sierra.

C.C.’s Flyers  v  Tipsy Toad Toppers

Not much to choose between both sides in the opening half, winning doubles from Jesus Madrid D10, Charles Pritchett D8 and a Kevin Prockter 60 out, plus a 131,140 from Suso Madrid, the visitors Andy Gildea D10, Lee Maiden, D16 and Paddy Winterbourne D20. Phil de Lacy providing the scores.

Only two Toppers victories in the singles, Gildea a 1-2 over Pritchett and Maiden 140,100 and 0-2 over Gary Dee. Solid winning performances from Flyers Suso M. 3×100, 2×140, Jesus M. 100,120,126,140, Sam Farrow 133 and John McKay, 100,122. MOTM – Pritchett – Winterbourne ( 3×100, 120, losing single)

Mind the Gap  v  Milos

Another solid showing this week from Gap at the expense of Milos. Decent displays from visitors Raul Rocamora 140,120,156 and Javi de Gea 2×100 in the 1st half nowhere near enough as the Gap pounded the T20, Darren Sanderson 4×100,140, Sam Salt 100,123,125, and James Brown 134 and a 117 out, not forgetting a Salt’s fancy 28 finish D3,D11. for 6-0.

2nd period was much the same, Sanderson a 180, but both legs on D1? Salt banging in 5×100, Paul Moody a nice 106 out, Gordon Cowan 100,2×140 and Brown 3×100,115,140 and a 60 out. All singles 2-0 MOTM – Salt – Rocamora.

Division 2

Hub Hellraisers  v  Wee Rock Horrors

Horrors found themselves 0-4 up with little resistance from the Raisers. Adrian Coates, Mike Tierney, Graham Solomans and Tony Spiers doubling, Solomans 2×100,125 providing scores. The hosts reducing the deficit via Lesley Dolling and Gill McCarthy, 2-4.

MOTM Coates overcome skip Cheryl McGlynn, Joseph Cuyt earning Horrors the draw. Solomans added a 140 to D5 for the match, Billy Dolling and Andy Forrest a 92 out, making it 9 for the Rock. Spiers had the unenviable task of facing wife Sue in the closing single, the latter earning bragging rights with a 121,D2, MOTM victory.

Freakie Taverners  v  Domino’s Desperados

Despos move up to joint 3rd with Freakies after this surprisingly comfortable win. All 3 triples went to Despos, the Chicks’ Angela and Paul, plus a Ray Hayes 48 out providing the doubles. Treble 19 master John Boden, 133 and D18 made it 1-3. Hayes 100,D4 and Ben Kernahan D15 taking the break score to 1-5, Kerny adding 3×80+ to earlier scores of 137,100.

Hayes ensured the draw with a 78 out, Boden 118 keeping the hosts in the game. lt was short lived as Angela C made it 7 for Despos. Kernahan nailed a 60 out and a ton for MOTM -Freakies Mitch Halliday earning the hosts with consistent high scores.

Pint Depot Queens  v  Tipsy Toad Tiaras.

The Tiaras stole a march on the Queens with a 5-1 lead in the triples and pairs, courtesy of Pat Schofield (81, D5),  Simone de Lacy (89, D8-D3), LIsa Ivill (89, D4), Tracey Simpson (D6) and Elizabeth Cowan (03, 82, 81, D2).  Queen Marie Cummins clocked up some good throws (92, 92, 205) and diminutive Vi Turner taking out D15 on her first attempt.

With Tracey Simpson’s ‘Alien Arm’ being retired from the singles (the chalker was in danger of losing an eye) the Tiaras sent Pat in first to bat, theoretically to assure the Tiaras of a 6th leg. Alison Wands blighted that plan with a surprise D10, dispensing Pat back to the pavilion.

Wendy Hayward succumbed to Queen Debbie Wright (84, D16) and then Lorraine Cox’s 80, 13-D20 brought the score line to a tantalising 4-5.  Princess Cowan’s D12 assured the Tiaras of at least one match point, but de Lacy couldn’t make it a win, narrowly losing out to MOTM Vi Turner’s 5-D11.

Thankfully for the Tiaras, MOTM Sharon Marshall (100, 92, 85 3-D12) swapped her tiara for crown in the crucial 12th game against Maggie (88).

Boris Bears  v  Angel Delights

Bears got back to winning ways, Delights failing to improve on their sole point to date. The hosts wasted no time in gaining all 3 triples, Barry Shingler, Amanda Skinner and Yvonne Rouffignac doubling. Sid Cross added a 4th on D10, Skinner scoring 2×100. Maria Ross and Sharon Williams outing for Delights for 4-2.

Cross and Skinner restored the hosts 4 leg advantage and a minimum match point. Ross and Henni Oortwijn gave the visitors the chance of a draw, the score now 6-4. lt wasn’t to be as Shingler ensured both points on D8, Ron Chadwick wrappi


04/10/54 – 13/01/2022

Mike Randell was a loving husband and devoted father. Mike had lived in Spain for approximately 3 years and made an impression on everybody’s lives that he came in contact with.

Mike at Dannys

He loved his darts and was an active member of both Danny’s Bar and the Friendly Bar teams. He was always smiling and never had a bad word to say about his fellow players. Mike will be missed by us all and our condolences go out to Jean and his family.