A further rally has been arranged this coming Saturday in Playa Flamenca in support of the local Ukranian Associations in the area.

Organised by a number of different groups, but a peace initiative of The International Association for the Awakening of Orihuela Costa, AIDOC, the event will start at 12 noon.

The concentration is being held in support of peace throughout the world, with the invitation to attend extended to all local residents.

The organisers state that it is completely non-political with the intention that peace be the benchmark that unites all countries of the world and that the suffering of the people who currently live in war zones or zones of conflict can be brough to an end.

The concentration will begin at 12:00 in the morning on the esplanade of Playa Flamenca.

Saturday rally in Playa Flamenca in support of Peace in the Ukraine
Saturday rally in Playa Flamenca in support of Peace in the Ukraine

The N332 and the Association Guardia Civil is also involved. They have confirmed that Castillo trans, a local transport company, have offered to transport any donated goods to the Ukraine for free.

There are also bank accounts that are being managed by Caritas and Cruz Roja into which donations can be made in the full knowledge that the monies will be used in support of the people of the Ukraine.

Donations of goods can be made on the day, when further information on the type of help required, will also be announced.

More information is available through Aidoc, where the contact is Luis Carcedo, +34 699 08 33 08

If you cant get along to the rally on Saturday your might like to attend a similar rally being held at the same venue on the following day, Sunday 7 March, starting at 5pm.

Sunday’s rally is being organised by PIOC and the Ukrainian Association as an act of unity, to show our neighbours and friends that they are not alone.

But whichever rally you attend take along your flags and banners, whether you are Ukrainian, Polish, British, Irish, German, or whatever your nationality, do go along and show your support.