• They caused short circuits and manipulated computer systems

The Civil Guard has dismantled a gang made up of at least six people who stole more than 70,000 euros in gambling halls in Torre Pacheco, La Unión and Torrevieja, causing short circuits and manipulating the computer systems of roulette wheels.

At least a dozen such occurrences have taken place with sources from the Guardia stating that the operation remains open as they are still looking for more gang members and similar cases

After identifying a group of young people regularly accessing gambling halls, initially in Torre Pacheco (Murcia), officers looked on as they lost money, only to then cause short circuits on the equipment to have their money returned. This, of course, ensured that they has a hundred percent chance of obtaining a prize.

When they had won a sizeable amount of money, between 5,000 and 9,000 euros , they would collect their prizes from the cashier, in amounts of 1,000 euros, so as not to raise suspicions.

The gang, with an extensive criminal history, was based in Torre Pacheco but it’s members maintained a considerable geographical mobility when carrying out the criminal activity, extending their operation to La Unión, Torrevieja, and quite possibly beyond.

Alerted by the Guardia Civil, companies that managed the roulette machines installed a computer program (software) to prevent the ongoing thefts continuing, but the gang found another way to continue with it’s criminal activities.

Once the alleged perpetrators were identified, more than fifty agents participated in four house searches in Roldán and Lo Ferro (Torre Pacheco), where six members of the band lived.

They found and seized more than 100 grams of marijuana buds, ready for imminent distribution, cash, mobile phones, high-end watches, technological devices and documentation related to criminal activity.

The six young people arrested have now been made available to the Court of Instruction in San Javier (Murcia)