The Nosmo-king club is a friendly club that holds its weekly meetings at the Che Loco Bar and Restaurant in El Chapparal, Torrevieja on a Thursday morning at 11 a.m.

During the month, events consist of a quiz, speakers, the odd Bingo or Beetle Drive, raffles for a cake and sales of greeting cards both contributed by members and a Sunday Lunch at various locations. The last Thursday is usually reserved for a trip to various places of interest.

When first founded in 2001 by local resident, Violet King to cater for people to get away from smoky establishments, without themselves necessarily being non-smokers, the club gradually built up a membership of over 200. As a result of various factors, such as returns to U.K., and Covid, the membership has dwindled to roughly 60, with up to 40 attending regularly.

In order to have control over trip destinations, rather than being controlled by the Bus Company’s scheduled agenda, a drive to recruit members has been launched to have a core of 50 people.

If you want to spend a pleasant hour or so on a Thursday morning, why not come along.

David Swann (Publicity)