Division 1 –

Hub Hyenas  v  C.C.’s Flyers

Hub opened strongly, enjoying success in all three triples, Bob Taylor D16, Dylan Fitzsimmons D4 and Mark Ellis 100, D2, doing the damage. John Rodford adding a couple of tons. No outs from C.C.’s but plenty of scores, Matt Smith, 100,140, Jesus Madrid 100,140, Suso Madrid 140,100. Smith got Flyers off the mark with a further ton and D12, Suso M. finding D2 for 3-2  Rodford, 100, D20 and Ellis125,105 ensuring a 2 leg advantage at the break, Charles Pritchett contributing a 121.

Rodford guaranteed his side a point with a 2-0 victory over Sam Farrow, that included 4×100 and a 140. Fitzsimmons made it 7-2 in a 3 leg tussle with Jesus M. 100,140. Ellis 3×100, 2×140 took the valuable scalp of Smith in another 3 legger. Taylor needed an 80 out for the 3rd leg against a lively Pritchett. Suso M. rounding off the evening with 100,140 an 84 and 58 out against a below par Alan Havelock. MOTM – Ellis – Suso M.

Ale House Lads  v  Tipsy Toad Toppers

Andy Gildea’s 140,95 not enough as Dario Sierra’s 95, 100 and Andre Wing’s D8 gave the Lads an early lead, soon negated as Toppers replied by taking the next 3. Hugh Galloway D4, Paddy Winterbourne D8 and Phil de Lacy D2 finding the outer ring. Thomas Harrison reduced the deficit on D12, with lan Philips 140 and Graham White D20 levelling against a powerful Gildea, Maiden duo.

Surprisingly all singles went 2 zip, Gildea taking the 1st with some steady scoring. Harrison and Wing gave the Lads a 5-4 advantage, the former both legs on D3. How did that occur Thomas? Earning a further MOTM, Maiden made it 5 apiece with 4×100, 126 and a D16 to close. Both sides would probably have taken the draw at this point, but White narrowly overcome Winterbourne, leaving Sierra to claim the plaudits and MOTM  both legs on D10.

Mind the Gap  v  El Capitan

No one asked to predict the outcome of this one would have claimed a prize. Just 2 legs were the Caps spoils after an outstanding Gap effort, where they remain unbeaten. Gordon Cowan opened the hosts account on D20, Sam Salt 140, Caps response quite amazing, Andres Lliamazares 140, Chris Logan 100, 180 then Lliama closing on 156. 3rd member, Olly Walker presumably buying a round. The next 4 went Gap’s way, James Brown, 100,121,140, D18,D9, Bliss Wright 100,D10, Salt 140, D12, the Caps unable to convert some decent scoring.

Cowan and Carlos Escansiano both won 3 leg singles, the latter the 7th winning leg. Logan edged out Wright 1-2 to complete Caps evening tally. Paul Moody’s 2-0 win over Lliama made it 8 for the Gap, before Brown enjoyed a 2nd leg 180 and a D18,D18, 72 out over Vycka Bobinas. Salt 2×140, 121,100 taking 2 of the 3 against a high scoring Ed Klimonis. MOTM – Brown – Lliama.

Milos  v  Dannys Bar

Milos raced to a first half 5-1 lead, then had to wait until the 12th leg to determine victory, courtesy of a Samuel James win over Steve Hodgett that included a very nice 165 set up shot. James also converted his pairs leg with Raul Rocamora on D8. Paul Raffell taking Dannys lone win in the first half.

Alan Walker added a 2nd win for the visitors to open the 2nd half, to include 3×100. Rocamora made it 6 for the hosts with a MOTM performance. Dannys then made a game of it, winning the following 3, via Steve Lumb 1-2, John Giggs 1-2 and Jack Reilly 0-2. James wrapped up the match, Walker – MOTM.

Division 2  –

Pint Depot Queens  v Hellraisers

Marie Cummins was the sole Royal point earner in the 1st half, Carol Rowland, Lesley Dolling, Jo Burns and Sue Spiers ( 2 ) the five for Raisers.

Skipper McGlynn rightly placed Spiers on first, successfully claiming the point and MOTM.  Cummins and Rachel Broadhead pulled the score back to 3-6 and a glimmer of the draw. Not so as Dolling found D5 for both points, Vi Turner and Maggie Morgan increasing Queens total legs to 5, all of which on D1. Practise night Wednesday ladies. MOTM – Cummins.

Tipsy Toad Tiaras  v  Freakie Taverners  

Darts nights like this is what it’s all about in Division 2:-   Both teams fielded 9+ players and everyone got at least 2 games.  Freakies feilded 6 ladies and 4 men, and looked to be the favourites, based on the league position and previous result.  They took the first triples courtesy of Groa Bryndis’ D17 despite a phenomenal 171 from MOTM Pat Schofield, who bent the wrong side of the wire of D5.

Good scoring from Tiaras Sharon Crane (132), de Lacy (83) and Rhianna Marshall (94, 72, D4) evened things up but MOTM Bryan Livesy’s 18-T18-D2 gave the visitors the edge after the triples. Schofield continued in excellent form in the pairs (85, 83, 79, D10) and Denise Green gave her season’s best in the 2nd with 4 x 70+ scores and D7 first dart.   Taverner Mitch Halliday (92, D9) brought it 3 apiece before the mustard chicken interval.

T’was 3 apiece in the singles too, starting with a nice 81, 81, D20 from Princess Elizabeth Cowan.   The Freakie ladies Debbie de Grys, Mitch (8-D4) and Sharon Frain (87, D7) scored the points for the opposition and de Lacy contributing (97, D1) for the hosts. At 5-6, it all came down to a brilliant last game from Schofield (100, 7-16-D8) and Livesy (95, 100, 91) to bring it to a close on a draw- the very best way to finish the night.

Angel Delights  v  Wee Rock Horrors

Horrors sampled the newly refurbished Los Dolses Angel’s Bar to enjoy their excellent throw and promptly battered them ( very unfriendly ). Only Nikki Dean and Sharon Williams found scores of note. Graham Solomans nailed 3 of the 1st half doubles, Andy Forrest 2×100, D6.

Solomans found D13, his 4th of the night, to win the match, Billy Dolling 100, 52 out and Forrest 121 D20, aiding and abetting. Williams prevented a whitewash with an impressive 140,133,D4 out and MOTM, Forrest awarded Horrors.

Dominos Despos  v  Boris Bears

At 0-3 up Bears looked good for 2 points. Liam Lumb, Ken Skinner and Ron Chadwick 129, D11 providing. Doms roared back to level via Ron Chadwick, Ben Kernaham and Ash Panchal, the Skinners tons worthless.

Liz Minto 134,and a 65 out made it 4-3, Kernaham 100, D18, nudging Doms closer to victory. Lumb pulled a leg back on D5 only for Hayes 100 and the double to go 6-4 up. Barry Shingler D20, forced the match to the 12th, where Panchal 121,D16, claimed victory. MOTM  –  Kernaham – Lumb.