Following publication of a report by the EU Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs last week, calling for a second BREXIT referendum, London based talkRadio has sparked hundreds of reactions after sharing a poll on the suggestion – and getting an answer it didn’t anticipate.

The radio station asked followers to say how they would vote if there was another referendum “tomorrow” on the UK’s European Union membership – and, at the time of writing, of over 150,000 votes cast, 75.4 per cent said they would vote Remain, versus only 24.6 per cent voting to Leave.

At last week’s EU meeting, MEPs received the report suggesting that, at the time of the referendum in 2016, Britons did not have all the necessary information on the implications of leaving the EU in order to make a balanced decision.

The report is now suggesting that a second vote takes place in order to provide a demographic safeguard on the final decision of the UK to leave the European Union.

The parliamentary statement said, “[The Committee] believes that, given the nature of the decision to leave the Union and its fundamental impacts on citizens of the departing Member State, the holding of a referendum to confirm the final decision to leave can be an important democratic safeguard.

“It considers that the confirmation of this final choice by its citizens is also crucial in case negotiations of a withdrawal agreement fail to conclude, provoking a no-deal scenario.

“It considers that all possible steps should be taken during this process to avoid disinformation, foreign interference and funding irregularities.”



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