San Fulgencio Town Council has opened a new dog park in the urbanisation. Pet owners and their animals will now be able to enjoy the facilities, located in what is known as Parque del Mossa, between Calle Aragón, Calle San Sebastián and Calle Bilbao. It is an area “where dogs can run free and exercise safely,” said the councillor for Animal Welfare, Mª Ángeles Ferrández.

The area has been made fitted with a 1 metre high perimeter fence, built-in drinking fountains and the planting of trees, “so that it is a pleasant park for those who visit it during the hot months,” said the councillor. It lso has an area for agility training, a sport against the clock in which the owner and dog take part and in which the pet must overcome a circuit with a series of obstacles such as ramps or tunnels.

Rules on the use of he park are displayed in several languages. It will be necessary to constantly supervise the animal, pick up its droppings, and use a muzzle in the case of dogs of dangerous breeds when there are more than two dogs inside. If the animal becomes aggressive, it must be removed from the enclosure and placed on a leash and muzzled.


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