The Visitelche tourism department has been working for eight months hand in hand with the tourism sector, both from as a private initiative and with other municipal areas and with the help of Invat tur (Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies) to develop its Smart Tourist Destination Plan (PDTI).

A strategy to develop for the next 3-4 years and which was presented this Wednesday at the Congress Centre. As a result of this plan, the government team will invest 600,000 euro in the first actions.

The total plan is made up of 34 actions within four thematic blocks, to “convert the resources we have in the city into an experiential product”, explains the councillor responsible for the department, Carles Molina. That first amount will be oriented to “ready” the destination so that by laying these foundations from the public administration, “private initiative can create these experiences.”

That first amount will therefore be used to improve issues of mobility, sustainability, “and above all with the recovery of the palm grove.” It would be about getting all that juice out of it to take advantage of it as a tourist spearhead, which also involves an important commitment to signage, one of the city’s weak points in terms of both tourism and the context of its assets.

Meanwhile, the tourism department also aspires to attract European funds to be able to finance the different items of the plan: it would be a sustainability-oriented plan of approximately two million euro. Next March, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism plans to launch a call for proposals to absorb the Next Generation funds that can finance the Strategic Plan and to which the City Council aspires.