After very nearly 20 years, Orihuela’s Town Planning Department are finally moving on the construction of a pedestrian path along the CV-941, connecting La Regia and Cabo Roig with inland urbanisations of the Orihuela Costa across the AP-7. Procedures are now underway after the non-compliance of the developer of Lomas de Cabo Roig and after regular protests and demands by residents.

In January 2002 the company Urbana San Miguel SL, were given planning permission for a major development program in Lomas de Cabo Roig. The approval included a guarantee of 1.2 million euros and the widening of the CV-941 motorway bridge so that pedestrians could cross above the AP-7.

As tends to happen all to often, the builder constructed and sold the properties but failed to take any action on either the bridge and walkway.

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In the intervening period there have been demands, protests and marches by residents and by resident associations, but all to no avail until the council’s plenary session of July 2021 when the planning department finally became involved after the matter was raised once again by CLARO/Cambiemos.

The guarantee of more than 1.2 million euros put by the company was seized after they “failed to comply with the essential obligations established by the successful bidder.”

Officials from the Urban Planning area have now drawn up the technical specifications while the Treasury is making arrangements to recover the guarantee which will then be used both for the award of the design of the project and for the completion of the work.


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