Barcelona University will execute 38 Beagle dogs on 24 January 2022 after having contracted the services of the Vivotecnia laboratory through a public tender worth 255.648,80 Euro (including IVA) to test a drug on 38 beagle puppies for 28 days.

A page has been set up to help save the 38 Beagle puppies from the Vivotecnia laboratory from execution. The page has been set up by Ruben Garcia and has received almost 60.000 signatures in the last few days.

The page, “Salvar a los 38 cachorros Beagle del laboratorio Vivotecnia de su ejecución” calls for the dogs to be given up for adoption.

As well as signing the petition, users are also asked to send an email to the University ( or with the following simple message:

“We ask you to release the Beagles as stated in article 30 of RD 53/2013, of February 1, 2010/63/EU, which establishes that at the end of the experimentation, relax and give the dogs up for adoption.”

Or users may contact the Rectorate of the University of Barcelona on the following telephone numbers to respectfully ask them to release the dogs:

Tel.: +34 934 035 402
Tel.: +23 934 021 712

The petition also states that Beagles are considered “manageable, docile and never bite. They are excellent life companions and take advantage of your kindness. At the moment they are subjected to ingesting single doses of a drug for 28 days, locked in cages, getting sicker and sicker every day.”

Users of the website have expressed their disgust at the practice adopted by Barcelona University with one, Ana María Anaya Muñoz, saying:

“It seems to me an aberration in these times, with all the technology and advances that there are, that these practices continue to be allowed!!”