The department of sports Area of ​​the Diputación de Alicante has budgeted more than twelve million euros in 2022 that will be used, mainly, to reinforce the aid for entities and athletes, as well as the construction and improvement of sports facilities in the municipalities of the province of Alicante.

The money will be distributed through various grants. “In periods of economic uncertainty such as the current one, it is necessary for public institutions to bet on the expansion of investment to ensure that our municipalities have the necessary resources to offer all services and so that our clubs and athletes can continue to carry out their activities” , according to Eduardo Dolón, the provincial deputy responsible for the department.

The largest portion of the pot, some five million, will go towards “Plan + Deporte”, which was created in 2021 in which 138 locations benefitted, which aims to improve the construction and expansion of sports infrastructures in towns around the area.

Another important beneficiary is the Aid Plan for Clubs for the Organisation of Events of Special Interest, which will increase its budget to one million euro.

The program of subsidies to municipalities for Sports Promotion also increases, which reaches 660,000 euro, the line for elite athletes, which grows more than 14% to 400,000 euro, the one aimed at non-professional male soccer teams and for women, which goes from 100,000 to 150,000 euro, or the one aimed at paying for the organisation of Pilota Valenciana games, which in 2022 will distribute 50,000 euro, 30,000 more than in 2021, the year of its creation.

Among the aims of this budget is the creation of a plan with up to 30,000 euro to collaborate with sports entities in the organisation of projects and activities related to health and equality.

Supporting city councils for holding different events will be another of the area’s priorities throughout this year.

In this sense, the provincial institution will support, among others, the Confrides consistory in the organisation of a trail test or that of Elda in carrying out an athletics race.

Likewise, the Alicante Provincial Council will continue to promote the development of events such as the ‘Gran Carrera del Mediterráneo – Costa Blanca Half Marathon’, the Volta Ciclista a la Comunitat Valenciana, and the ‘Alicante International Skate Cup Open’ championship, amongst others.

The Provincial Sports Awards, the Aid Plan for Municipalities of Less than 5,000 inhabitants for the acquisition of equipment and / or material or the development of promotion, development and training actions are other of the many actions that the area directed by Eduardo Dolón will be carried out throughout this year.


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