In the last few years, smartphone gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. In fact, a report in 2018 from reputable games and esports analytics firm Newzoo showed that mobile gaming took an astonishing 50% of the overall global games market. In the years since then, it has continued to register big success.

Gaming on the sophisticated devices we all own from the likes of Apple and Samsung isn’t the only gaming option, of course. Console gaming will always be a favoured choice for many, but it certainly isn’t as popular as it used to be, especially when you factor in the number of smartphone gamers there are in the world these days.

People still turn to recreational activities like fishing and football, but the fact that you can enjoy some smartphone titles in between these types of outdoor activities makes it even more accessible. Does smartphone gaming have the potential to overtake conventional gaming, though? If so, what could be the key reasons as to why it would?

A more user-friendly experience

One of the main issues with conventional gaming options, be it on a sophisticated PlayStation 5 console or a PC, is that many of the games available to play are hugely detailed and require hours of time and attention in order to make any headway. Not everyone has that at their disposal, though.

Console games are generally harder to grasp too, which can put off casual gamers in the process. The controls can be complicated, the levels are generally expansive, and they do tend to require more skill. For casual gamers, these types of options can be daunting.

When compared to smartphone gaming, it’s clear to see why untypical sections of society are now discovering the benefits of it. Whether you’re attempting to rumble the killer in hit releases like Among Us or experiencing African Safari themed slots like Mega Moolah, these types of games are easily accessible and easy to grasp. They can also be loaded up within seconds and picked up and put down throughout the day, offering a more user-friendly experience on the whole.

The fact that smartphone games can be enjoyed at any time and any place is an appealing aspect for many also, giving people an entertainment option whenever they need it. All that’s required is an internet connection and you can access fun and entertaining releases wherever you are.

Console games now available to play on a smartphone device

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ll be fully aware of the dramatic improvements made in our mobile phones. From playing games like Tetris and Snake to being able to download console-quality titles like Fortnite and PUBG, smartphone gaming’s all-around offering has never been so appealing. These types of games can be improved further with the introduction of a VR headset or a joystick too, therefore representing a solid alternative to conventional gaming products.

The genre has certainly been inundated with console releases of late, with games developers bringing these types of titles out at the same time as sought-after console titles. As such, smartphone gaming, as an overall package, is better than it has ever been.

A more affordable option

Conventional gaming options certainly aren’t cheap. For instance, buying a PlayStation 5 and the games that come with it is hugely expensive and certainly not affordable for everyone.

When compared to smartphone gaming, the difference is massive. Most of us own a smartphone anyway, therefore opening up gaming to us in the process. The games are either free or incredibly cheap, too.

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