There is an exotic appeal to the Passiflora – commonly referred to as Passion Flowers or Passion Vines.

The fast-growing tendril bearing vines are evergreen and quickly cover fences and trellises – perfect for adding a little extra drama and excitement into your garden.

In cooler climates they may shed some or all of their leaves and go dormant or semi-dormant in the winter.

They produce lobed, hand-shaped dark green foliage and fascinating flowers, in either white or purple, and are just impossible to ignore.

Plant Passiflora directly into the ground, or in a container in the springtime, when the soil is warmer.

Choose the location wisely, as they require shelter from strong or drying winds, planted in well draining soil, as they will not survive in soggy soil, located in full-sun or very light shade.

Bear in mind the more sunlight they get the more flowers they will produce.

Shelter your Passion Flower plant from strong or drying winds and water during active growth periods. Planted in a container you’ll need to water more frequently, as they tend to dry out quickly.

Apply a light amount of fertiliser in spring, before any new growth emerges, then every four to six weeks until early autumn.

Water lightly throughout Autumn in cold areas and sparingly during the first winter in warm regions, if your climate is dry.

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