• Honey-vanilla fragrant  bright yellow flowers

Spanish Broom – rush broom or weaver’s broom – were originally introduced as ornamental shrubs, but became useful as erosion control.

Broom forms small to large shrubs that grow very quickly and can grow to 10 feet tall and produce some spectacular bloom displays in Spring, through to frost.

Broom shrubs are easy to grow in most garden locations and the only thing the don’t like is a soggy, boggy and shady location.

The plant can get a bit  invasive, with their seeds spreading and sprouting quickly.  But with a little control you can still enjoy their ease of care and brilliant blooms.

Their honey-vanilla fragrant  bright yellow flowers have a pea-pod like appearance, approximately one inch long, that grow in clusters at the branch ends on stalks, that can be 18 inches long.

The fruits are hairy black or brown pods that are filled with dark green seeds in late summer.

Note that the whole plant is toxic to humans and can cause discomfort and irritation, but is not life threatening.

Garden Felix