The Consell will announce on Thursday how and where the covid passport will be implemented in the Community following the meeting of the interdepartmental committee, which brings together the ministries related to the management of the crisis established during the coronavirus.

Asked if new measures would also be considered at the meeting, such as the closure of nightlife at 11:00 p.m., the Community president has indicated that “we do not contemplate any new restriction.”

Puig added that “hopefully it will not be necessary to return to restrictions” but to achieve this “the introduction of the certificate is necessary.”

The president has once again highlighted vaccination as the best asset to fight the pandemic.

Meanwhile the download of covid passports has doubled in the last week, coinciding with the announcement by Ximo Puig that the document will be a requirement to enter certain hospitality establishments from the December 6 holiday.

Between November 15 and 21, 218,271 documents were downloaded compared to 114,184 the previous week, according to data provided on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health. This represents an average of 31,181 certificates every day.


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