Mojácar Council and the Almería Provincial Council have organised a workshop entitled “Vegetable Toys Workshop, which will take place next Saturday 20th November at 5pm in the locality’s Multi-Uses Centre.

Designed for the whole family, it sets out to promote and provide learning about customs and traditions within a space of play and learning for all the family. It is part of the “Old Trades” campaign, created by the Provincial Council.

At the workshop participants will turn into very special toymakers. Ecological toys created with plant materials which combine imagination, sensitivity and the natural resources of each area.

According to Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar Council Culture Councillor, the attempt is to learn to value plant materials as a source of resources for handicrafts, to learn about local ethnobotanical uses, as well as to recognise the sources of inspiration and creativity in nature which have accompanied man throughout history.

Other values the Vegetable Toys Workshop tries to strengthen: within a playful and enjoyable environment, to try to find the ideal way to reflect on our consumption habits and to rethink the possibility of acquiring new ones, making the most of the resources which our environment offers, just as our elders did.

Knowledge of our culture and our traditions offers us the possibility of appreciating the exploitation, use and reuse of the environment.

It also offers an interesting opportunity to create toys for the whole family, working together in the multiple free time the youngest will soon enjoy during the Christmas holidays.

Anyone interested can contact the Local Council to formalise their registration as places are limited.