“IT is the worse case we have had in years.” The heartbreaking words from Sue Weeding, co-founder of the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre as they dropped everything yet again to respond to an emergency call from the authorities.

With the Guardia Civil waiting for them, Rod Weeding arrived in Almoradi to be greeted by a horse in an appalling condition. Shockingly it is the 30th animal they have rescued from the town.

This time they were lucky to get the animal back to the Rescue Centre as Rod’s 25 year old vehicle, used for rescues and to pull horse trailers, is in desperate need of being replaced, as it is currently playing up with fuel problems. “It keeps cutting out and we were concerned about getting there but it made it there and back with the horse.”

Safely at the Centre in Rojales, equine vet Dorothea assessed the newest arrival saying they hadn’t seen a horse this bad in years. Sue added; “He has a heart murmur, neurological problems which could be due to malnutrition and his feet and teeth are in a terrible state. He is absolutely skeletal.”

A veterinary report will be issued to the police who will take the case further. “It’s a never ending story, there will always be another one and another one. If we didn’t exist where would these horses go? No one would want these animals and yet we still get no funding from councils or government yet we always respond to calls from the police 24 hours a day.”

Whilst Sue and Rod will continue to do all they can to help these animals, they need your help to allow them to do so as the costs of feeding and caring for them continues to rise.

If you can help in any way or support the current fundraising drives to replace Rod’s vehicle, contact them via their website www.easyhorsecare.net



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